Found in Him

I spend my days wondering where I belong

Wondering where I am strong

Not sure who I should follow

Who I should look up to

(Wondering, wondering)


I spend my days imagining the day-

The day I finally find my way

The day I finally realize my calling

The day I’ll finally realize who I am

(Finally, finally)


But the thing is,

The time spent wondering is just time spent wandering

Wandering aimlessly as my destiny awaits.

There is a time for everything;

A time to ponder and a time to surrender

Surrender to the One who made me

The One who knows me

The One who calls me


I need to stop trying to find myself

Because I am already found in Him


Missing Strings


My instruments are the guitar and the piano,

But of the two, my passion emanates from the steel strings of my guitar.

Each string has its own distinct sound and tone, when tuned at just the right tension,

Yet it is the same fingers

Stroking them each time.

My devotion to this instrument has not always been consistent

And this is my biggest regret.

I feel I have not explored all the wonders and mysteries of my guitar. Yet,

I do love every moment I spend plucking the beautiful strings

And creating sounds so smooth and pleasing with the softest touch of my fingers.

But no matter how many times I play this instrument inside-out,

There are still sounds I am yet to hear,

There are still frets I am yet to bar,

There are still missing strings.

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Listen (to His Voice)

I think what Christians struggle with the most today is patience.

We’re all impatient creatures and we want it all here and now.

The Word tells us “Seek ye first the Kingdom…” 

But man’s taking advantage of the freedom

and we forget to take a solemn bow

each morning, but there’s a tugging at our conscience;


The Spirit speaks to you, calling you back to that sacred place,

the world pulls at you, calling you back to the secular race.

You see it’s all about choices;

We have the freewill but God’s voice is

Still resonant in our hearts,

No matter how much we try to block it out.


And I’m grateful, cos Lord knows without His voice

Silently directing and correcting me,

I would be lost, in a world where 

Everyone has an opinion about everything, and it’s so easy to get swayed

But who should I listen to?

Only Him, only His voice

His Word shall be a lamp unto my feet and

A light unto my path.


You Walked Into My Life

You walked into my life like; a snowflake in the summer like;

The sun at midnight like;

A waterfall in a desert.


You walked into my life that fatefully distinguished day like;

A sister separated at birth reuniting like;

Where had you been all…my…life?


You walked into my life almost two years ago like;

I knew you were approaching and

You knew you should approach like;

A simple utterance and

That’s all it took to spark a connection so strong

Everyone thought we’d known each other all…our…lives.


But then

You walked out of my life so quick

It was like waking up from a dream like;

Did it all really happen or was it just a facade

Just my imagination conjuring up what was probably the best times of my life



It was the realest times of my life and

you changed so much in me and around me and I guess

Your season in my life came to its end

Cos “all things work together for good”

And I thought the good was with you but it turned out I was

Only deceiving myself being complacent in a situation I knew was oh so not to be and

I can’t wait to find what

My good is;


My good after you walked out of my life.


UPDATE and University Plans

Hey guys! how are you all doing? I’m proud of myself for making a post not even a month after my last one! Lately school has been taking most of my time, because I have my final exams in just a few weeks. God is my strength oh. It has been challenging because I seem to be losing the motivation I had previously, and it takes a lot of effort to sum up the will power to work, if I’m being honest. And it’s not just me, strangely enough. It’s almost like there is a fatigue epidemic going around, it’s crazy. But in all fairness I know I haven’t been sleeping sufficiently. I don’t know if it’s stress ironically keeping me up, or just plain stupidity, but it needs to stop as my exams get closer. I don’t want a repeat of two years ago where I ended up writing a major exam in a Zombie-like state…needless to say the exam didn’t go well (I had stayed up the previous night revising, but this only made it worse) If I have one advice, never ever do this. Learn from my mistakes lol. Always revise well-ahead, because then you have time to take in all the information slowly and strategically.

University plans are kind of temporarily on hold, I haven’t even started a list of the stuff I need to buy and whatnot. But I definitely will. If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s making lists. I make lists of pretty much everything, and those that are close to me know this, because for my last birthday my best friend got me a notebook with the front cover saying “Let There Be Lists” and “Make Lists Not War” on the back. I have been using this notebook to exhaustion! I’m almost running out of pages. 

I am really looking forward to University though. Like I said in my first post, I’m for the most part an introvert (though it depends on who I’m with) but I’m hoping that university will kind of bring me out of this bubble I’ve unconsciously built, and open me up to the adventures and great plans God has for me. I know it’s a very cliché statement but I mean it! I will however most likely be one of the people who spend hours in the library studying. Not just because I’m a nerd *cough* but because the 24/7 concept is so mind-blowing to me that I intend on making the most of the opportunity lol. Another semi-priority on my list is to go to the gym…regularly. Well, try to.

I’m also planning on either (or both) learning a language and improving my guitar/piano skills by having music lessons on the side. Soo, yes I have a lot of hopes, I guess, but it really is just this wide scope of opportunities, and I don’t want to spend 4 years at university only to get the one degree. I want to do more, achieve more! and with God ALL, not some, but ALL things are possible! 

Thank you so much for checking out my blog 🙂 

Stay blessed; Reni.

Oh! I’ll leave you with a little Christian joke:

There was a man who was looking for a parking. The place was full, and he said to God, “Please help me find a parking space,” because he was hurrying to go somewhere. Then, he saw a space that was hidden between plenty other cars, so he said, “Don’t worry Lord, I’ve found one.”

Look straight unto Him

This is another post made two months ago on my old blog:

Quick update; I recently applied to a few universities and I can gratefully say that I have received four out of five offers! I’ll be studying Accounting and Finance and I actually cannot wait you guys!! I’m honestly so grateful and I know God has great plans for me, in whichever one I eventually end up in. I just need His grace to get those grades!

At church this previous Sunday, the preacher spoke about how we all “look for the living among the dead.” Her main chapter of focus was Luke:24. However I happened to turn my bible page over backwards and was skimming through the previous chapters, when I came across Luke:22 vs 61. It is the chapter which talks about when Jesus told Peter that he would deny him 3 times before the cock crowed. But the verse specifically touched me with the words. It says:

Luke 22:61 

The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter

Then Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him: 

“Before the rooster crows today, you will disown me three times.”

– New King James Version (NKJV)

I have highlighted the words which I’m focusing on. It says Jesus looked “straight at Peter,” and when I read it I just thought “wow….” To be honest my reaction kind of derailed from what the preacher was saying, but I just felt like, imagine the Lord, the mighty Son of God, looking straight at you. I’m interpreting this out of context. It’s just the fact that from time to time, well actually,perpetually, we need to realise and remember that God sees us, as in really sees us individually, and understand just how special that is. God speaks to us in different ways. It could be through the Word in the bible, through the pastor’s message, or really He could send a normal human being to deliver a message to you that you need to hear.
Imagine everything else in the world is gone away, and it is just you and Jesus. The way the bible phrases the (highlighted) line just gave me an image of a really intimate moment between Jesus and Peter. You can imagine the shame and guilt Peter must have felt as Jesus looked straight at him, and he realised he had let him down. Jesus probably knew this was going to happen, but it doesn’t change the fact that he probably still felt betrayed by Peter.Image
I pray that neither me nor you will disown the Lord, but that we will persevere for righteousness sake, assured of such great rewards awaiting us in heaven. (Matthew 5 : 11&12) Keep the faith, be steadfast and hold on to the irrevocable Word of the Lord today and always. God bless.