You Walked Into My Life

You walked into my life like; a snowflake in the summer like;

The sun at midnight like;

A waterfall in a desert.


You walked into my life that fatefully distinguished day like;

A sister separated at birth reuniting like;

Where had you been all…my…life?


You walked into my life almost two years ago like;

I knew you were approaching and

You knew you should approach like;

A simple utterance and

That’s all it took to spark a connection so strong

Everyone thought we’d known each other all…our…lives.


But then

You walked out of my life so quick

It was like waking up from a dream like;

Did it all really happen or was it just a facade

Just my imagination conjuring up what was probably the best times of my life



It was the realest times of my life and

you changed so much in me and around me and I guess

Your season in my life came to its end

Cos “all things work together for good”

And I thought the good was with you but it turned out I was

Only deceiving myself being complacent in a situation I knew was oh so not to be and

I can’t wait to find what

My good is;


My good after you walked out of my life.



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