Look straight unto Him

This is another post made two months ago on my old blog:

Quick update; I recently applied to a few universities and I can gratefully say that I have received four out of five offers! I’ll be studying Accounting and Finance and I actually cannot wait you guys!! I’m honestly so grateful and I know God has great plans for me, in whichever one I eventually end up in. I just need His grace to get those grades!

At church this previous Sunday, the preacher spoke about how we all “look for the living among the dead.” Her main chapter of focus was Luke:24. However I happened to turn my bible page over backwards and was skimming through the previous chapters, when I came across Luke:22 vs 61. It is the chapter which talks about when Jesus told Peter that he would deny him 3 times before the cock crowed. But the verse specifically touched me with the words. It says:

Luke 22:61 

The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter

Then Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him: 

“Before the rooster crows today, you will disown me three times.”

– New King James Version (NKJV)

I have highlighted the words which I’m focusing on. It says Jesus looked “straight at Peter,” and when I read it I just thought “wow….” To be honest my reaction kind of derailed from what the preacher was saying, but I just felt like, imagine the Lord, the mighty Son of God, looking straight at you. I’m interpreting this out of context. It’s just the fact that from time to time, well actually,perpetually, we need to realise and remember that God sees us, as in really sees us individually, and understand just how special that is. God speaks to us in different ways. It could be through the Word in the bible, through the pastor’s message, or really He could send a normal human being to deliver a message to you that you need to hear.
Imagine everything else in the world is gone away, and it is just you and Jesus. The way the bible phrases the (highlighted) line just gave me an image of a really intimate moment between Jesus and Peter. You can imagine the shame and guilt Peter must have felt as Jesus looked straight at him, and he realised he had let him down. Jesus probably knew this was going to happen, but it doesn’t change the fact that he probably still felt betrayed by Peter.Image
I pray that neither me nor you will disown the Lord, but that we will persevere for righteousness sake, assured of such great rewards awaiting us in heaven. (Matthew 5 : 11&12) Keep the faith, be steadfast and hold on to the irrevocable Word of the Lord today and always. God bless.