Coming Out LOUD


This is one of my many attempts to begin a blog, which usually ends up neglected or sidetracked. But I intend on sticking with this one, fo real! A brief introduction is prerequisite so: My name is Reni, I’m a teenager, Nigerian living in the UK, and a Christian. I’m a worshiper, true and true, and I also (not expertly, but getting there!) play the guitar and keyboard, for the glory of God and God alone. I intend on blogging about things to do with Christianity, experiences as a teenager in this generation, and hopefully maybe even post some worshiping videos and any lyrics I conjure up that I feel might bless anyone. That being said, people, don’t be surprised if I happen to talk about a completely unrelated topic at some point.

My first post title “Coming Out LOUD” was wonderfully inspired by one of my favourite gospel singers Jonathan McReynolds’ song ‘Comin’ Out.’ I really really love the songs on the album ‘Life Music‘. You should definitely check it out! Basically, the thing is, I’m quite a shy person, but through this blog I plan to loudly and boldly declare the works of God and inspire others through my experiences and hopefully worship. I usually anonymously create blogs, but for once I’m confidently coming out, to share my writing. It’s a step, guys 🙂 Who knows, soon I might have the courage to lead a whole worship session in the church service! haha…

Anyway, I believe the reason we Christians were put on this earth is to share the Gospel-

Mark 16:15 – And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

And it’s what I intend on accomplishing through this blog. I’ve always believed that if I can influence at least one person’s life for the better, then I’d be fulfilled. Thank you thank you for visiting my blog, and I look forward to writing! Hopefully I will blog at least once a month, maybe more often, but at least no less than once a month by God’s grace.

Stay blessed; Reni.


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