How Science speaks of God’s Faithfulness

Today has been a really rainy, lightning and thunder-filled day here in Tokyo. The phrase "when it rains, it pours" is very true of Japan's weather. It has been a while since it has thundered so, and today's has been a little frightening. I actually (I think for the first time in my life?) not … Continue reading How Science speaks of God’s Faithfulness

Cabin Fever

Yesterday I decided to escape the confines of my apartment walls, to take a walk late at night. I feel like they are closing in on me. (I would have gone earlier; I wanted to, but it seems I have developed a strange fear of leaving the house. Like my body, though fed up of … Continue reading Cabin Fever


Take her back to the days when she was able to count the seconds Back to the days when time moved in sync with her and her wandering feet Searching for the familiar feeling of being lost, being new Waiting patiently for her to catch up as she turned over yet another page of her "unputdownable" book Meticulously … Continue reading Timed